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Leopard is a highly specialized boutique hotel development firm, based in Tel Aviv. Our team brings experience in creating and operating top level boutique hotels and inspired hospitality.

Founded in 2003 by Hotelier Leon Avigad, Leopard evolved out of the desire to introduce a collection of truly boutique hotels to Tel Aviv. Our motivation to Create Exciting Hotels is founded upon our belief that excitement is driven by the following factors: Service, Location, Design, Innovation, Style and Authenticity.

Our approach to hotel development is the result of combined decades of experience in hospitality, financial management, marketing, branding, real estate, and law both in Israel and internationally. Our team’s extensive experience in a variety of industries provides Leopard with the platform to conduct A-Z hospitality development. We conduct everything:

  • Locating Feasible Properties
  • Acquisition
  • Petitioning and Negotiating with Land Use Organizations for Permits
  • Manage Architects, Designers, and Engineers we Personally Select
  • Concept Development, Marketing, and Branding
  • Staff Development and Training
  • New Product Launch
  • Operations Planning and Implementation

Leopard is in the process of creating a collection of boutique hotels in the city of Tel Aviv. The collection is an assortment of exciting hotels strategically located at the center of Tel Aviv’s unique area attractions. The hotels will be created in landmark properties, featuring historical and architectural value. Each hotel will offer its own innovative design, quality service, style that inspires and an infusion of local Tel Aviv culture. The quality of each hotel will be the highest in its market segment. Each hotel will offer all the necessary amenities of a full service luxury boutique hotel at par with international standards of quality. The significance of the portfolio is that it will be the first high-end luxury boutique hotel chain in Israel.

A few of our past and present projects are:
  • BAU TLV Urban Resort, Tel Aviv
  • 9 Lilienblum boutique hotel, Tel Aviv
  • Prima Music Hotel, Eilat
  • Villa Carmel Boutique Hotel, Haifa
  • Colony Hotel, Jerusalem